Mayari Jewelry handmade craft creations

Jewelry inspired by symbolism, mythology and the beauty of sacred signs.

Mayari jewelry is my project, my dream and my passion.
I was always found of different cultures, ancient legends and mysterious symbols, therefore my aim was to unite all these aspects and create jewelry that can tell stories.

Stories about heroes and warriors, kings and queens, deities, powers of nature, abstract symbols and sacred signs.

I want to believe that jewelry has “magical” powers to make us feel protected and loved, brave and full of energy (the list goes on and on)
Jewelry making is not an easy process, it consists of multiple stages, involves many different tools and techniques.

Mayari Jewelry Philippines Unique Series

Mayari jewelry uses high quality materials and works with certified suppliers.

At Mayari jewelry, one of the methods we use to create jewelry is called lost-wax casting.
It is an ancient process (and we do respect jewelry-making traditions) that casts a metal sculpture from an original sculpture made of wax.
The lost-wax method dates from c. 3700 BC and has sustained few changes since then. Isn´t it beautiful?!

Our process of jewelry making: inspiration – idea – sketches – more sketches – wax carving – wax molde fabrication – casting – polishing.
It takes an incredible amount of time to produce a piece of handmade jewelry (and a lot of patience, care and devotion),
In fact, Mayari jewelry pieces are always unique in their own way.
Knowing that you have a limited edition gives you a sense of exclusivity.

Mayari Jewelry Philippines Unique Series

Are you fascinated by mythology, legends and cultural diversity of our planet?

Do you think that jewelry is more than an adornment? Do you prefer to think of it as a talismans or an amulet?

Then you are in the right place!

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