Perla Earrings Silver


PEARL. This gemstone is a powerful symbol of light, purity, femininity, spiritual wisdom and esoteric knowledge. In some cultures white pearls represent tears shed by the gods.
Its pale radiance is associated with the full moon, watery origin with fertility, hidden development inside the shell with the miracle of birth or rebirth.
Pearl was a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite (or Venus as she is known in Roman mythology). According to one of many legends the goddess was born from the sea foam, near the island of Cyprus. She came from the sea naked, except for a string of pearls.
This is why I decided to use baroque pearls in this mini collection and call it “Venus” as an hommage to the goddess that represented the ideal of feminine beauty.

*Current production time for this item is 1-2 weeks

Metal: Sterling silver


Lenght: 7 cm

Weight: 5 gr (approx.)

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