Vessel Necklace


Inspired by ancient artefacts and crafted with modern elegance, this necklace draws its inspiration from the timeless beauty of amphorae, the classical vessels that once held precious liquids, oils, and perfumes. Just like those ancient treasures, our Vessel Necklace captures the essence of elegance and sophistication in a contemporary form.

The amphora pendant is a delicate yet striking centerpiece. Each link in the chain is carefully handcrafted, making it a unique work of art in itself.
This Vessel Necklace is a versatile addition to your jewelry collection. Its understated elegance makes it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. It’s the perfect piece to wear every day or to accentuate your style for special events.

Wearing our Vessel Necklace is like carrying a piece of history with you.

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*Current production time for this item is 2-3 weeks

Metal: Gold plated sterling silver


Pendant height: 4 cm (approx.)

Chain length : 50 cm (approx.)

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