Delta Gold necklace


This gorgeous necklace is a real jewelry artefact that sparks a connection between the past and the present.

The symbol of a triangle holds a lot deeper meaning than being just a three-sided shape:

⛛ The downward pointing triangle also represents water (one of the four alchemical elements) which symbolizes intuition, the unconscious mind
Point-down symbolism of a triangle sends a strong message to the world as it represents Mother Goddess and the dynamic force of creation

⛛ As a three-sided polygon, the triangle represents the number three, which is meaningful to many groups.

⛛ As such, triangles and other symbols made of three parts may be used to present such concepts as past, present, and future or spirit, mind and body.

Delta Gold necklace is bold but at the same time very sophisticated. Its brushed finish gives the necklace a touch of antiquity and makes this statement jewelry equally suitable for all occasions.

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*Current production time for this item is 2-3 weeks

Metal: Sterling silver (gold plated)


Chain length: 38 cm (+8 cm of chain extender*)  *please contact us if you have special requirements

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